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Xebia Academy Selected for Training Industry, Inc.’s 2022 Top IT & Technical Training Watch List

Xebia Academy Selected for Training Industry, Inc.’s 2022 Top IT & Technical Training Watch List

Xebia Academy is one of twenty companies awarded a place on Training Industry, Inc.’s 2022 Top IT & Technical Training Watch List. The list is designed to inform professionals in the corporate marketplace about the best and most innovative training service and technology providers.

Xebia Academy is honored to announce that it was selected for Training Industry, Inc.’s 2022 Top IT & Technical Training Watch List. With over two decades of experience and more than 500 trainers, Xebia Academy is a leading tech training provider. To help people and companies learn the digital skills of tomorrow, the company offers three different approaches: Training Courses, Learning Journeys, and Upskill Programs. Programs are available in Agile & Scrum, Cloud, Data & AI, DevOps, Product Management, Security, and Software Engineering.

Selection for the 2022 Top IT & Technical Training Watch List was based on the following criteria:

  • Breadth and quality of program and service offerings.

  • Industry visibility, innovation and impact in the IT and technical training market.

  • Client and customer representation.

  • Business performance and growth.

“This year’s Top 20 IT & Technical Training organizations are innovative providers that continuously grow and adapt to the training needs of their learners,” said Jessica Schue, market research analyst at Training Industry, Inc. “These providers continue to upscale their IT content to compete with the ever-changing market.”

Tom Whelan, director of corporate research at Training Industry, Inc., added “With an influx of leading-edge content to anticipate and respond to market demands, these organizations are constantly expanding their portfolios to ensure learners receive the most updated IT and technical training needed for success.”

Brijesh Kohli, Vice President of Xebia Academy said; “We are humbled and proud to be on this list. In our mission to become a global authority in this field, this award is a great achievement and recognition of our brand and values. It is our endeavor to empower academia and students, and this award is a classical representation of teamwork and how we are together building and growing Xebia Academy.” About the IT & Technical Training Watch List The IT & Technical Training Watch List is based on thorough analysis of the capabilities, experience and expertise of IT training providers. Award recipients were selected for excellence in a variety of criteria including breadth and quality of program and service offerings and innovation and impact. This annual list is designed to help organizations in their search for the right training partners.

About Training Industry, Inc. Training Industry, Inc. is a leading research and information resource for corporate learning leaders. Their authority is built on deep ties with more than 450 expert contributors who share insights and actionable information with their peers. Training Industry’s courses, live events, articles, magazines, webinars, podcast, research and reports generate more than 10 million industry interactions each year.

About Xebia Academy Xebia Academy provides training to begineers , working professionals, students and IT aspirants specializing in Data & AI, Cloud, DevOps & SRE, Low Code, Business Agility, Security, Software Development, Product Management and Quality Improvement.

As our trainers are also consultants, we bring real knowledge from the trenches. Our trainers are certified by renowned organizations and combine hands-on exercises with interactive training modules. No death by PowerPoint.

Taking advantage of their expertise in the IT sector and client reports, Xebia Academy has built a solution-driven curriculum. Their tryst with IT as an industry has brought them face to face with multiple challenges and helped them devise numerous ways to approach these challenges. It is their experience of all these years that Xebia Academy brings to the table.

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