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TechTalks Video: A conversation with Max Shapiro of PeopleConnect and PitchForce

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Contact Information: Max Shapiro

About PeopleConnect

PeopleConnect’s rigorous recruiting process is designed to cull potential candidates down to only the most strategically minded and technologically savvy, which assures our clients of an employee who already has a great track record in his or her field.

Detailing expectations

As in any business, clear and focused direction drives success. This is a critical piece of any search, and the best position specifications detail required experience, ideal qualities, and key milestones that will define success for the new hire. Pinpoint job descriptions power our searches.

Deeper search, dynamic results

You have to turn over a lot of rocks to produce the results that meet our high standards, so that’s what we do. In addition to using old-fashioned headhunting technique, we use our own extensive database, networks of contacts across the globe, and we also tap into mainstream and niche recruiting sources to make sure that we cover all the bases as we work to find the caliber of person you want to hire.

Your business is our business

When we take on a search, we take our goal of finding the perfect person as seriously as we would if we were on your payroll. We make it our business to understand your company, your market and competition, your challenges and current situation, and where you want to go. We make your business our business, and our measure of success is your satisfaction.

Not just being, but being exceptional

Our clients are extraordinary companies, and we know they’re only interested in extraordinary candidates, so we look for people who have more than just years of experience, but those who have also made a real mark in their previous jobs. Our aim is to find proven winners for you.

Lining up a long term solution

One of the keys to a successful placement is the character of the candidate. We look beyond the professional accomplishments to the person behind them to find the qualities that will contribute to a lasting relationship with their new employer. We work to make placements that stick.

About PitchForce

PitchForce is a weekly pitch event for high tech, clean tech, medical device and biotech startup entrepreneurs interested in pitching to a panel of distinguished angel investors and VCs. There are on average 50 attendees also watching the event that also include investors!

Virtual PitchForce Process

Ten companies pitch their 1-minute elevator pitch to a panel of 5 investors who vote on the pitch. The top 5 move on to round two where they present a 4 minute pitch with slides to the panel, they will then have a question and answer session with the panel followed by non- rebuttal feedback. The panel chooses who they feel is the most promising startup.

To sign up to attend and watch a PitchForce event go to:


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