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SwamCam"s artificial intelligence, fully featured, and app controlled pool alarm system saves lives

The SwamCam system is a brand-new innovation in pool security. SwamCam streamlines several technologies to create a customized and richly featured camera alarm system for the pool environment. It uses AI detection and alerts users to human activity at the pool area before they even enter the water. According to the CDC, there are an estimated 3,960 fatal unintentional drownings annually in the United States. Children ages 1–4 have the highest drowning rates and most drownings in that age bracket happen in swimming pools. Drowning is also the second leading cause of injury- related death among children under the age of 15.

The SwamCam invention came about after realizing the incredible need to create a secure environment for families to safely enjoy their pools. Our team consists of senior engineers that have many years of experience at technology giants such as Motorola, which has enabled us to make the SwamCam system the most advanced of its kind.

Some of the distinct features in comparison to other pool alarms is that the SwamCam alerts users to a potential drowning before a person enters the water. Other systems only alert users after a child has already fallen into the water.

Another essential feature is that SwamCam sounds an alert in three different locations: outside the home- from the camera’s speaker, inside the home- from the wireless alarm and remotely- from the app. Our goal was to cover every possible area to provide the best chance of an immediate response. We even built a backup system in place to sound an alert from the camera and wireless alarm in case your Wi-Fi signal goes down.

Additionally, SwamCam has a fully integrated app that allows for a myriad of rich and interactive features such as automatic re-arm option in case you forget to set it, two-way audio, live video, a speed-dial button to call for emergency services, and a suite of highly customizable settings. Though fully usable and efficient out of the box, SwamCam also includes the option of premium features for an additional minimal monthly fee. This customized alarm system was developed for the pool environment with the goal of saving many lives.

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