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String St. launches new video technology for websites and partnership program for agencies

SPRING ST. announces a new innovation in website video technology and a support program for agency partners. The current video player solutions available today simply play one video in a website video frame. SPRING ST. has invented a new design process that allows for multiple videos to be presented together in a fully customizable, integrated and interactive video solution. All videos are seamlessly integrated together and can be presented in numerous design configurations, including video tiles, columns and even circular & curved shapes. Each video is running independently and can be controlled by the website user.

The One Club Homepage

Creative designers are no longer limited to one video in a boxed configuration. The new technology also allows for customized overlay text and user controls to be placed over each video to any creative design requirement. Videos can interact with each other automatically based on requirements defined by the designer, or by user interactions with video controls. This all results in stunning new video page designs that have not been possible before now. Designs are also modified for smaller mobile screens to create an optimal user experience across all mobile devices.

SPRING ST. video technology also includes many advanced delivery features, including detecting each user's internet speed and browser type to deliver an optimized video for perfect playback on all device types from desktop to mobile phones.

Commenting on the new technology, Brian Gibson, Vice President-Technology for SPRING ST., stated, "We have reinvented the way in which video can be used within any website to deliver an entirely new user experience. Our patent pending technology is extremely flexible and works within any existing or new website framework. The innovative technology is patent pending and only available from SPRING ST."

SPRING ST. is partnering with select digital and advertising agency partners to create amazing new website video experiences, including assistance with client specific demo creation. Creative designers now have unlimited options to develop new website video page designs that can showcase a brand in truly new and innovative ways.

For more information and to schedule an online demo visit

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