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Startup Rypplzz raises an additional $3 million to scale its geo-location platform

Spatial engineering startup raised $6.8M to-date to position itself for wave of commercial deployments with major brands and venues

Rypplzz, creators of Interlife®, a multi-patented geo-location platform, today announced that it has raised $3 million in seed funding, led by sports technology investment firm KB Partners, with participation from Triptyq Capital. The funding round brings the company's total capital raised to $6.8 million.

To keep up with demand, Rypplzz will use the funding to further scale its product and grow its team, with a particular focus on hiring more technical staff. As the company moves into the commercialization phase, it is gearing up for a wave of new deployments. In the past year, Rypplzz has run several successful pilot programs, enhanced its technology, and has formed strategic alliances with some of the key players in its target industry. Rypplzz also collaborated with music artist Grimes, who leveraged the technology to host the first-ever Augmented Reality Art Rave at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

"The technology industry is fiercely competitive, so for Rypplzz to garner this level of interest from investors, partners, and customers at this stage is a testament to the value we're creating and the void we're filling in the market," said Josh Pendrick, CEO of Rypplzz. "We have an ambitious vision for the future of spatial technology, and we look forward to expanding our team to continue meeting demands and further evolving our capabilities. Rypplzz is entering a critical phase in its journey, and we're confident that we'll rise to the occasion."

To date, Rypplzz has cultivated impressive partnerships with notable brands and venues such as the 27-acre Tucson Convention Center, Cisco Sports Media Group, SkyPath Security, Inc.™ with its Mobile Defense Platform™ and a major US sports league. By turning airspace into monetizable engagement opportunities, Rypplzz's technology is powering groundbreaking AR-based fan experiences, precise wayfinding and traffic analytics, geotargeting and a host of tech-enabled crowd management capabilities.

"The lines between spectators and participants are blurring in sports, demanding a paradigm shift in how sports properties and brands connect with fans," said Keith Bank, Founder and CEO, KB Partners. "Rypplzz clearly sees this transformation taking shape, and it's pioneering a future where fan engagement is seamlessly interwoven into the fabric of the sporting experience, both physical and digital. Its cutting-edge geolocation platform serves as the backbone of this revolution, enabling a level of personalization and immersivity that was once unimaginable. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and a proven track record, we are confident that Rypplzz will redefine the boundaries of fan engagement and set a new standard that all will follow."

GPS' precision has traditionally been limited to about 10-20 feet of accuracy. Rypplzz has created an algorithm to use radio frequency to track devices down to six-inch accuracy in three dimensions. The platform enables the ability to program digital files to the precise three-dimensional coordinates of airspace and those digital files can interact with phones and other types of internet-connected devices.

"Triptyq Capital is thrilled to support the audacious visionaries behind Rypplzz. Their groundbreaking positioning technology has the potential to catalyze the next generation of mobile and 3D revolution on the internet," said Bertrand Nepveu, Co-Founding Partner at Triptyq Capital. "At the dynamic intersection of the physical and digital realms, a robust infrastructure is paramount.

Rypplzz's innovation not only tackles the challenges of latency and performance optimization in high-density environments, but also pioneers transformative experiences in media, entertainment, and sports. By unlocking the potential of spatial computing and the internet of things, Rypplzz is not just addressing hurdles; it's shaping the future of immersive connectivity."

For more information about Rypplzz, please visit:

About Rypplzz

Rypplzz revolutionizes the connection between the digital and physical world with its patented spatial OS. By pinpointing device locations with an accuracy of 6 inches (including altitude), Rypplzz surpasses GPS's 10 to 20 feet precision. Moreover, it allows for the programming of digital files to precise coordinates in the real world, making the surrounding air "intelligent." This versatile platform provides substantial benefits across all verticals, and it already has traction in sports, entertainment, security, AR/VR, and retail. As precise geolocation continues to gain importance, Rypplzz's patent portfolio continues to appreciate, positioning it as a frontrunner.

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