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SOBRsafe Alcohol detection Technology wins National Safe Family Seal of Approval

The Child Safety Network proudly endorses SOBRsafe* (Nasdaq symbol “SOBR”) for inventing technology that helps our mission to make the world a safer place for children to live.

For the first time in CSN’s 34-year history, we have found a technology in SOBRsafe (Nasdaq: SOBR)* that can detect alcohol before it becomes a deadly combination on our roadways and workplaces.

See how it works. MUST WATCH VIDEO 2 minutes”

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) and The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also do not endorse organizations public or private companies, products, or services, but they do officially attest to the fact that at least one life is lost to alcohol related driving every 45 minutes. With well over 10,000 fatalities and countless injuries including permanent disability, the USDOT and NHTSA are quick to point out that every single one of these life altering family tragedies was entirely preventable. Source.

What the public is learning from CSN today is that there actually is a way to prevent these accidents on our roadways, in our schools, on our school buses and in every location that is responsible for the safety of children, customers and employees.

CSN’s Founder & Chairman Ward Eric Leber said “I believe in the urgency to start saving lives with this technology so strongly that I want to speak to you personally. Even if I’m out of the office your call will forward to my home or cell when you contact me using 800-906-6901 Ext. 10. Why is it urgent? Because over the years, alcohol has been the most preventable reason for millions of innocent family members to attend a funeral for someone they loved; even their beloved pets. Plus, in any typical year whithout SOBRsafe, our families and friends can count on about 300,000 injuries, some of them so serious they result in permanent disability. CSN wants ensure that your school district, government agency or local business can afford the scanners and about a dollar a day per employee that must to be alcohol free at work. If saving lives and reducing losses is not a large enough incentive, your company may even qualify for the Safe Family Seal of Approval for operating an alcohol free workplace.”

Regarding the answer to this national epidemic, SOBRsafe Senior Executive Michael Watson stated that “the annual cost of alcohol abuse in the U.S. is $249 billion. Nearly half of all industrial accidents with injuries are alcohol-related, and 1-in-10 U.S. commercial driver’s test positive for alcohol (the highest rate worldwide). In response, we have developed a proprietary, touch-based identity verification, alcohol detection and cloud-based reporting system. The technology is transferable across innumerable form factors, including stationary access control, personal wearables and for telematics integration.”

When Mr. Watson learned that CSN granted SOBRsafe the category exclusive right nationwide to display the coveted Safe Family Seal of Approval™, he had this to say: “To receive the Safe Family Seal of Approval™ is an incredible honor for a company at any stage, and we are further humbled by the recognition in just our first few months of commercials sales. We are truly grateful to the Child Safety Network, and we look forward partnering with this outstanding organization toward making our roadways safer for America’s children.”

Several of CSN’s top advisors provided their expert insight on the national endorsement-

“Throughout my first career in law enforcement and my second career in security with the Department of Homeland Security and The Transportation Safety Administration I have seen firsthand the devastation that alcohol has caused on our roadways, our workplaces and on our school campuses, and even school buses. Nationwide there are about 1.5 million arrests for DUI. I applaud CSN for its foresight in endorsing and deploying SOBRsafe technology as an urgently needed method of detecting and stopping alcohol before it becomes hazardous or even fatal.” – William “Bill” Arrington, CSN Senior Advisor on National Surface Transportation Security – Statewide: Lt. Colonel Deputy Superintendent, Maryland State Police (Ret.) – Nationally: General Manager for the Office of Highway and Motor Carrier Security, TSA.

“As an active-duty Detective for the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office, I focus on juvenile investigations. My 19-year career as a School Resource Officer and as a Patrol Officer in Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado provides me with a very serious opinion about this brand-new technology. I’ve had to deliver way too much bad news to parents and family members when drunk driving could not be stopped by technology like SOBRsafe. It can detect and alert others of the threat of alcohol before it becomes weaponized. – Detective Daniel Sperry – CSN Senior Advisor on Juvenile Law Enforcement, School Site & School Bus Safety, and Security. Vice President for the Idaho Association of School Resource Officers.

Ward Leber, the founder of the non-profit Child Safety Network (CSN) added that: “CSN’s Product Integrity team looks at each program, product, or service submitted for endorsement. Its extremely rare for us to provide a category exclusive endorsement. CSN was careful when we put our name and reputation behind the SOBRsafe technology. It was granted the Safe Family Seal of Approval™ because it checks every one of our safeguards. School Districts, Parents and government agencies that collaborate with us depend on our recommendations and those of our dozens of subject matter experts (see

*CSN does not endorse the purchase of stock in any company, not do we provide financial advice. The intent of providing information about Sobersafe is for informational purposes only. As the name businesses consumers have trusted since 1989, we highly recommend that any workforce that can impact the lives of children should be a sober work place. Schedule your demonstration by calling 800-906-6901 X 10 or e-mail

Source: SOBRsafe


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