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ReadyWorks closes on $8 million to grow its Digital Platform Conductor Technology to transform IT

  • ReadyWorks Secures $8M in Series A Funding Led by Credit Suisse Asset Management's NEXT Investors

  • Company Accelerates Growth of its Digital Platform Conductor (DPC) Technology, Enabling Businesses to Transform IT Operations, Reduce Risk

ReadyWorks, a digital platform conductor (DPC) that leverages AI and intelligent automation to reduce the risk and costs of IT infrastructure transformation, announced today that it has closed $8 million in Series A financing led by Credit Suisse Asset Management's NEXT Investors.

With this investment, ReadyWorks will expand its technology platform to help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation efforts in response to pandemic-driven disruptions that continue to create global workforce challenges amid increasingly distributed operations. A pioneer in the DPC space, ReadyWorks will accelerate its go-to-market strategy to enable businesses to drive IT infrastructure transformation while managing risk and maintaining business continuity.

"Enterprise IT environments have become increasingly complex as businesses have realized that legacy systems are not capable of helping them get to where they need to be," said Andrew Sweeney, Co-Founder of ReadyWorks. "The tools and manual processes that businesses often use introduce risk, increase costs, and delay the execution of critical transformation programs. We are focused on leveraging AI and intelligent automation to help businesses redefine how IT transformation programs are managed so that they can accelerate adoption of technology innovations without breaking access to critical business systems."

The ReadyWorks platform was created by a team of engineers and project managers that have been delivering IT transformation programs to enterprises for the last 20 years. The company's DPC technology was born in the IT trenches, where siloed systems and manual processes are often the gating factors to innovation and create security and data governance risks.

"We are excited to be working with the team at ReadyWorks," said Greg Grimaldi, Co-Head and Portfolio Manager of NEXT Investors at Credit Suisse Asset Management. "ReadyWorks takes a differentiated approach towards digital transformation efforts, which is a critical issue facing enterprises today."

About ReadyWorks ReadyWorks is a digital platform conductor (DPC), an emerging technology that leverages AI and intelligent automation to reduce the risk and cost of IT infrastructure transformation. ReadyWorks fully orchestrates complex IT infrastructure transformation programs and provides companies with a way to ensure business continuity as these programs are carried out. Unlike legacy infrastructure management tools, which create data silos and introduce risk into IT programs, ReadyWorks serves as a central command and control platform to orchestrate these tools to deliver transformational business outcomes. The platform analyzes information about the entire IT estate – endpoints, users, applications, and all their interdependencies – defines the rules for change, and uses AI, machine learning, and intelligent automation to implement those changes. ReadyWorks provides IT teams with a holistic view of the environment, how future changes will impact that environment, and how and when those changes should be made so that users and business operations are not adversely impacted.

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