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Opsera announces $12 million in funding to support a new generative AI initiative

Opsera introduces Hummingbird AI engine to provide AI capabilities across the platform to help engineering teams ship products faster at leading global companies

Opsera, the Unified DevOps platform used by top Fortune 500 companies, announced a Series A Plus round of $12 million in funding.

The latest round of funding will support Hummingbird AI, a new generative AI initiative, and accelerate the growth of Opsera – Hummingbird AI will introduce new and exciting features into the DevOps and DevSecOps categories. The latest funding round is led by Taiwania Capital with support from existing investors Felicis Ventures, Clear Ventures, and others

Screenshot of Hummingbird AI, an new solution from Opsera that offers AI-driven unified insights to help improve developer experience and productivity, help identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies and provide remediation with the click of a button.

Learn more about Hummingbird AI:–ai

The Opsera Unified DevOps Platform, powered by Hummingbird AI, includes AI-driven unified insights to help improve developer experience and productivity, help identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies and provide remediations with the click of a button. Another feature within Hummingbird AI will empower enterprise developers to accelerate innovation by deploying large language models (LLM) across multiple clouds seamlessly using a templated approach. Hummingbird AI will bring compliance around security and quality assurance with bias scoring and cost management within LLMs.

"Today's enterprise software organizations are constantly looking for ways to improve their time to value," said Huang Lee, Managing Partner of Taiwania Capital. "The Opsera Unified DevOps Platform gives engineering teams the flexibility and control they need while assuring quality and security standards are strictly met. We are excited to support Opsera as it continues to scale quickly and leverage AI technology, including LLMs, to revolutionize the way software is developed and deployed."

"Congratulations to the Opsera team on their latest funding round," said Wesley Chan, co-founder and Managing Partner of FPV Ventures. "We recognized Opsera's unwavering commitment to helping engineering teams work better and deliver value faster. We're excited to see Hummingbird AI added to Opsera's Unified DevOps Platform as it will continue to help increase cost-efficiency, free up valuable engineering time, and offer unparalleled insights into the DevOps lifecycle."

"As one of the original early-stage investors of Opsera, we are proud to see the company continue to scale at an impressive rate," said Rajeev Madhavan, co-founder and Partner of Clear Ventures. "Now, more than ever, leading global organizations are looking to tap the most value out of their current technology investments. With the introduction of Hummingbird AI, Opsera Unified DevOps platform empowers organizations to build high-performance engineering teams, reach new levels of productivity gains, and efficiencies and be equipped to tackle the complex challenges of today's digital landscape."

"Today marks a major milestone for Opsera and our customers as we continue to chart new strategies to help enterprise customers gain the most value out of their technology investments and innovations," said Kumar Chivukula, co-founder and CEO of Opsera.

"With the Opsera Unified DevOps Platform, our users release 80% faster and improve security and quality posture by 60%," continued Chivukula. "Now with Hummingbird AI, users from across the organization will be able to improve efficiency, security and quality even more and have critical insights right at their fingertips with a 100% shift-left approach. With the support of Taiwania Capital and all of our investment partners, we will continue to accelerate how we help customers along their DevOps and DevSecOps journeys."\

The new Hummingbird AI capabilities within Opsera's DevOps platform combine generative AI and MLOps technology to allow engineers to:

  • Improve Organizational Efficiency, Security, and Quality through prompt-based recommendations, analysis, remediations and insights driven by the entire organization's software development lifecycle data and toolchain.

  • Leverage the Best-in-Class Opsera Platform Capabilities for MLOps Orchestration, making deployments faster, smarter and more secure across multi-cloud solutions. Gain visibility across efficacy scoring and bias detection.

  • Embrace Holistic Security and Observability with security score cards, remediation efforts and recommendations to improve the organization's overall security and quality posture.

  • Gain AI-powered Critical Intelligence and Actionable Insights including DORA metrics, developer productivity and experience insights, and security and quality metrics.

  • Launch Developer-Friendly, Automated Workflows across SDLC, SaaS, IaC, and COTS applications.

  • Pipeline Summary and Remediations for each pipeline to improve the process and recover from the failures with reduced Mean Time to identification for issues/anomalies.

Today's DevOps requires performance at scale across the organization, all while empowering developers to do their best work. "DevOps teams are under pressure to support more critical apps across more clouds, and pipelines, data, security, and architecture are becoming more complex and harder to manage," said Dan Turchin, CEO of PeopleReign and host of the popular podcast AI and the Future of Work. "Teams need to invest in automation and AI to detect issues that can lead to expensive outages. Only Opsera and Hummingbird AI combine the ease of use and conversational fluency expected from LLM-first applications with the flexibility to observe pipelines across workloads."

With new funding and capabilities, Opsera empowers engineers to positively impact the entire software development lifecycle in a few clicks. With Hummingbird AI, Opsera is creating a unified, high-performing, intuitive DevOps experience driven by the latest AI innovations to help customers achieve their own innovations faster.

"Hummingbird AI will become the new standard for monitoring DevOps pipelines," says Turchin, "This isn't just another LLM parlor trick!"

About Opsera Opsera is built for today's modern DevOps organizations. From the comprehensive orchestration for CI/CD pipeline creation and management to a robust marketplace of pre-built integrations and complete analytic and reporting capabilities with actionable intelligence, organizations achieve faster release cycles, maintain and improve quality, and increase efficiency using data-driven within their software development processes. Top Fortune 100 companies are speeding up their time to market by building, testing, deploying, reporting, and monitoring their applications with Opsera's leading DevOps platform.



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