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New Net Technologies Offers New Feature Set: A Solution to Secure Operational Technology Systems

The Company's (NNT) Flagship Product Change Tracker Updated to Protect Industrial Control Systems, Cyber Physical Solutions, and the Industrial Internet of Things

"Nation-state attacks and breaches against critical infrastructure are, unfortunately, the new normal," said Dirk Schrader, Global Vice President of Security Research, NNT. "The constant security of Operational Technology systems has a real-world effect on people's everyday lives, and with that, there is a non-negotiable responsibility to ensure these systems are secure. Look at the recent breach of Oldsmar, Florida's water supply being compromised or the cyber campaign against India's power sector. Though unsuccessful, the potential outcome could have been deadly. Real-time change analysis is quite simply the only way to protect these systems, which are widely varied in profile and function, making them difficult to patch."

030521 New Net Technologies (NNT) Offers
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