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Imperial Ridge Launches New Financing and Development Capabilities for Renewables

Imperial Ridge Renewables will help CRE owners reduce capex while adding renewable energy to properties, starting with Solar Covered Parking Program

Imperial Ridge Real Estate Capital, a national, private commercial real estate capital provider based in Colorado, today announced the launch of Imperial Ridge Renewables (IR Renewables), a financing and development arm dedicated to helping commercial real estate owners add renewable energy to their assets without upfront capital.

“Working with Imperial Ridge Renewables is about much more than realizing energy cost savings down the road,” said Mark Boyer, President and CEO of Imperial Ridge Real Estate Capital. “With the cost of construction and development right now, every opportunity to minimize costs without impacting your NOI is valuable. We provide immediate savings, helping commercial property owners eliminate line items, such as carports, while also adding lasting value to their development.”

With its flagship Solar Covered Parking Program, IR Renewables will work with real estate owners to add covered parking to their assets without having to bear the heavy capital expenditure on their balance sheet. The program provides owners with an opportunity to provide an additional benefit to tenants, meet zoning requirements and potentially create a new revenue stream by monetizing new, shaded parking spots.

“We understand the imperative to ensure our built environment is powered by more resilient energy sources, as well as the realities developers and owners face in today’s economy,” added Boyer. “Our team brings the knowledge and experience to help owners maximize asset value while enhancing the quality and sustainability of their developments. This model ensures owners can provide clean energy to their tenants through the added solar panel technology without having to manage it themselves.”

The IR Renewables team brings expertise in renewable energy, commercial real estate development and lending. IR Renewables will self-finance projects across the country up to $5 million or 5MW, making them an ideal partner for a variety of multifamily, hospitality, office and life sciences properties that need onsite covered parking facilities.

Imperial Ridge Real Estate Capital, the parent company of IR Renewables, acts as a single source for a mix of commercial real estate financing solutions. Working with clients in the commercial real estate industry nationwide, the firm customizes the capital stack for each project to maximize asset value while enhancing the quality of the built environment. To date, the firm has placed over $300 million of debt, in combination with C-PACE, across eight states covering every major asset class.

In addition to its Solar Covered Parking Program, IR Renewables will leverage its self-financing capabilities to support real estate owners looking to add traditional rooftop solar and other forms of renewable energy.

To learn more about opportunities to work with IR Renewables, please visit

About Imperial Ridge Real Estate Capital Imperial Ridge Real Estate Capital is a private commercial real estate capital provider based in Colorado. The firm acts as a single source for a full suite of commercial real estate debt products, including C-PACE all designed to maximize the value of assets for commercial real estate owners, developers and asset managers nationwide. Imperial Ridge provides combined mortgage loan products aimed at meeting the unique needs of each transaction and better addressing an ever-changing marketplace. To learn more, please visit SOURCE Imperial Ridge —————————————

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