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Drone Nerds launches the Mini 3 Pro—a mini drone with powerful camera options

The Mini 3 Pro has tri-directional obstacle sensing with forward, downward and backward dual vision sensors to minimize potential crashes

This week DJI announced the launch of the Mini 3 Pro—an exciting new mini drone with powerful camera options, a lightweight design, and plenty of other features that are new to consumer-grade drones. As a DJI premier partner in North America, Drone Nerds, an enterprise and consumer drone technology provider, will be among the first to carry the Mini 3 Pro in its inventory by late June. The Mini 3 Pro was designed to satisfy the need for a lightweight consumer drone in the market. Compared to other popular consumer drones, like the Air 2S, which weighs below 600 g, the Mini 3 Pro weighs just under 249 g. Because most countries and regulations require users to register drones that weigh 250 g or more, the Mini 3 Pro is an ideal product for those who wish to travel frequently without worrying about regulations. When it comes to ease of portability, DJI maintained key features, like the foldable design of previous Mini models. DJI also improved the build and structure of the Mini 3 Pro series to increase flight time. Users will notice the difference in the arms and propellers of the Mini 3, which have been redesigned to enhance the aerodynamic capacity of the drone. Overall, the Mini 3 Pro can stay in the air for about 34 minutes of extended flight time. For users that want to stay in the air longer, DJI has developed the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus, which can be purchased separately and can increase flight time up to 47 minutes. The Mini 3 Pro has tri-directional obstacle sensing with forward, downward and backward dual vision sensors to minimize potential crashes. Paired with APAS 4.0 (Advanced Pilot Assistance System), the Mini 3 Pro can avoid objects in the aircraft’s flight path in real-time, making it easier to fly in complicated environments. The Mini 3 Pro comes equipped with the RC-N1 standard controller and is also compatible with the DJI RC which has a 5.5-inch, 1080p built-in display. Both controllers offer a max video bitrate of 18 Mbps delivered at an ultra-low latency of 120 ms. Users who already own the discontinued DJI Smart Controller should note that it is not compatible with the Mini 3 Pro. Among the new features, the Mini 3 Pro has amazing camera capabilities designed to capture incredible detail during the day and night. It has a 48 MP camera with a 1/1.3- inch CMOS sensor and dual native ISO, which is usually reserved for professional-grade drones. Every image is enriched with a higher dynamic range to reveal more detail in highlights and shadows. Those who wish to reserve their spot for pre-order can do so by visiting or contacting

About Drone Nerds: Established in 2014, Drone Nerds focuses on ensuring that its customers have the right UAV solution for their unique operational needs. With its proprietary Always Flying™ program, Drone Nerds provides reliability and assurance for enterprise implementations across industry verticals, including public safety, government, agriculture, construction, energy, inspection, and more.

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