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CrowdAI raises $10 million and launches new AI platform to create high-quality solutions to analyze

SAN FRANCISCO, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- CrowdAI, the leading platform to build customized vision AI, today announced the launch of their next-generation AI platform, which enables anyone to create high-quality solutions to analyze imagery and video. CrowdAI also announced it has raised over $10 million to support the launch of its platform - most recently via a Series A led by Threshold Ventures. Other participating investors include Susa Ventures, Ron Conway's SV Angel, Jerry Yang at AME Cloud, and Y Combinator. With this round, Mohammad Islam, Partner at Threshold Ventures, joins the company's Board of Directors.

CrowdAI provides custom computer vision solutions to customers in the manufacturing, property insurance, finance, and technology markets, and works extensively with the U.S. government. The company's initial platform focused on cutting the time-to-value for custom computer vision projects in half for developers and data scientists familiar with AI integrations and workflows.

With CrowdAI's new platform, no data science background or coding is required to make data-driven operational decisions. The full-stack solution provides all the tools necessary to go from raw pixels to structured insights relevant to a user's specific needs. CrowdAI provides the support and strategy for determining if and how to implement an AI solution into the enterprise.

CrowdAI has developed a powerful product that not only makes computer vision widely accessible, but also enables more intelligent automation in the enterprise," said Mo Islam, Partner, Threshold Ventures. "We were immediately impressed with Devaki and the team and are excited to support the company on its journey to becoming the leading visual AI platform."

CrowdAI offers both a free, web-based version, as well as a subscription version with custom enterprise-based assets. The new platform allows anyone within an organization to tap into the benefits of intelligent automation. Technology advancements in the enterprise, including artificial intelligence and smart technology, have pushed the market forward over the last few years. Despite security and privacy concerns, artificial intelligence continues to prove to be a critical asset if implemented correctly and efficiently. CrowdAI has seen a 200% increase in its customer base in the past year, indicating a broader shift in the industrial and large commercial sectors towards more intelligent automation.

"At CrowdAI, we work alongside managers, engineers, marketers, and data scientists at every level to learn how our tools and AI workflows can make an impact in their organization," said Devaki Raj, CEO and founder of CrowdAI. "Our goal is to empower the workforce to better understand how AI can help them do their job. I'm incredibly proud of the team for what we've built. With our new, next-generation platform, we're able to make vision AI approachable and intuitive to anyone in the enterprise."

CrowdAI is currently being utilized by numerous organizations throughout the government, the education sector, and the technology industry. CrowdAI's vision is to lead the next industrial transformation with AI by empowering anyone to create and deploy custom AI solutions for maximizing value from visual data.

About CrowdAI CrowdAI, the leading platform to build customized vision AI, enables anyone to create high quality solutions to analyze imagery and video—no data science background or coding required. Our full-stack solution provides all the tools necessary to go from raw pixels to structured insights relevant to your specific needs. With CrowdAI, you can build your own vision AI bespoke to your specific needs, without writing a single line of code.

Based in San Francisco, the company was founded in 2016 and is backed by leading Silicon Valley venture capital, including Threshold Ventures, Susa Ventures, and Y Combinator.

Media Contact: Cliff Massey (818) 208-4443


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