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Croatian startup Mindsmiths raises seed funding for its autonomous support system platform

Globally Awarded AI Startup Receives USD 1.4 Million In Seed Funding USA - English Mindsmiths to make next step in developing their autonomous support system platform with a proven social impact track record

Globally awarded Croatian AI startup Mindsmiths received USD 1.4 million in seed funding from Feelsgood investment fund which supports companies with proven positive social impact. Mindsmiths will use this investment to further develop and expand its autonomous support system (ASS) platform with a proven social impact record.

The AI startup is an acknowledged pioneer in the field of autonomous support systems (ASS). By connecting with the Mindsmiths platform, digital systems become autonomous, make independent decisions, and approach users proactively.

"When your doctor, bank, mobile provider, or educational institution proactively offers you a solution to a problem it has identified, there is a great possibility that it was made possible by an autonomous support system based on Mindsmiths platform. Thanks to this technology, organizations can now provide their users with a smart solution at the right time," explained Mislav Malenica, founder and CEO of Mindsmiths.

The Croatian startup recently won the global Top of AI Startups Award, organized by the Alliance for Responsible AI for projects that responsibly utilize artificial intelligence. Mindsmiths' AI platform was recognized as the best in the competition among 17 projects from over 10 countries.

The potential of Mindsmiths was recognized by Feelsgood, a VC investment fund that not only invests in ventures that have a great potential of return on investment but also fulfill sustainability goals and create positive social impact.

Besides AI engineers, Mindsmiths employs humanist experts whose task is a continuous shifting of boundaries of possibilities when it comes to the relationship between a man and a machine. Sociologists, psychologists, and behavioral scientists ensure that artificial intelligence systems built on the Mindsmiths platform display the ability to understand users' needs and provide emotional support in challenging situations.

So far, the Mindsmiths platform has been used to build autonomous support systems in various industries, from healthcare for chronic patients to financial advice for clients in the banking sector. Mindsmiths says they want to make the platform available to everyone who wants to use it to build positive social impact solutions. Izabel Jelenić, co-founder and CTO of Infobip - a global leader in CPaaS and first Croatian tech unicorn, helps them realize their vision as a technical advisor.

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