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Crave InfoTech launches new product for Extended Warehouse Management

You will be able to control and optimize your inbound, internal, and outbound warehouse processes without exception, delay, or confusion

Crave InfoTech has launched a new product for Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) called cEWM. Built utilizing SAP BTP, it is cross-platform; streamlining warehouse processes while online or offline.

Warehouse operations get bogged down by mismanagement leading to a loss of time and productivity. Many times, the traditional Internet-ported apps used in warehouses lose connectivity and with it all process data. This becomes a bottleneck for the overall supply chain.

Crave InfoTech's cEWM app addresses these challenges and more. The app is cross-platform – supporting Apple iOS, Android, and Windows. It works efficiently offline or online, irrespective of any mid-process disconnection.

The warehouse operators can perform all inbound processes like validating incoming units, creating handling units, put away, and posting goods receipts. Further, they can perform internal processes like inventory cycle counting, internal bin transfer, etc. Finally, the pickers can perform streamlined outbound processes from repacking to dispatch. All this is done efficiently via the same cEWM app.;

Chief Executive Officer Shrikant Nistane stated, "It's amazing to start the new year with the successful launch of a product that's much needed in the industry. One thing about the supply chain which has been made painfully obvious in recent times is that it's dynamic. So, amidst the global flux, we wanted to add stability and control within the supply chain through our Extended Warehouse Management app."

"With this cEWM app," Manish Meshram, Vice President – Digital Transformation added, "You will be able to control and optimize your inbound, internal, and outbound warehouse processes without exception, delay, or confusion. You know exactly which item is in which handling unit, where is it moving, in which bin is it placed, and the exact timelines to retrieve the same. It's all in one single and simple UI."

Crave InfoTech has a full product suite including cWMS and cEWM that gives end-to-end solutions for warehouse management built with SAP BTP.

About Crave InfoTech

Crave InfoTech, based in Piscataway, New Jersey, is a fast-growing tech company with deep expertise in SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), Intelligent Enterprise, and Enterprise Mobility Enablement with quick-to-deploy Intelligent Supply Chain Management, Intelligent Asset Management, and Intelligent Warehouse Management solutions.

Source: Crave InfoTech



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