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TechTalks Video - An introduction to PattonTrender: Financial fundamentals for your business

In this TechTalks Video, Ed Patton, principal of PattonTrender provides an introduction to his firm and services


Ed Patton, the principal of PattonTrender, provides succinct and understandable financial fundamentals for management of privately owned businesses.

This unique service encapsulates the entire business’ financial profile including the underreported or non-reported items of cash flow and capital components.

This is all captured with 5 components and is understood in less than 15 minutes each month.

The financial insights provided by the PattonTrender Reports come from real-world experiences.


Ed Patton, Principal


Tel. 210 822 9977




Does your company have business or financial business goals?

If your company has business or financial objectives, check out the advisory services for growing global technology companies provided by FC Global Strategies.

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To speak with someone right away, please contact:

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(Latin America)

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