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Claros Technologies closes on $5 million to solve sustainability problems without creating new ones

Claros Technologies announced the closing of a $5 million Series A funding round led by Portland based 3x5 Partners. Claros was founded with the mission to solve problems without creating new ones with a focus on sustainability in everything they do. From the non-toxic antimicrobial and antiviral textiles that displace the current toxic silver and copper options, to the capture and detoxification of harmful chemicals, such as PFAS, in our environment, Claros is well positioned to make a difference and do so in a way that tangibly improves our world.

3x5 Partner's Managing Director, Nicholas Walrod expressed that "we are ecstatic to be partnering with the Claros team. Instead of engaging in problem displacement, Claros is providing clear, complete solutions to identified and urgent needs with large market opportunities." 3x5 Partners strives to 'invest in what the world needs' by partnering with promising companies whose technology offer real solutions in the healthcare and climate sectors.

The Series A capital raise will allow the team at Claros to expand the applications of their breakthrough technology at the scale required to address problems for which the world needs immediate solutions. By proving the ZioShield™ antiviral technology can be achieved at roll-to-roll manufacturing scale, the team is rapidly responding to the high demand for embedding antiviral technology in a whole new range of applications.

In the large-scale water treatment sector, Claros is well positioned to quickly prove themselves as a market leader in PFAS remediation with their ability to both capture and detoxify the problematic fluorocarbons. CEO and Co-founder, Michelle Bellanca described that "Claros is doing something truly revolutionary to address the massive PFAS clean-up needs that are quickly coming down the regulatory pipeline. The demand for cost effective and scalable treatment options, that both capture and destroy these 'forever chemicals' is here, and Claros has developed the solution that the world needs right now."

Clarosafe® removes both long and short chain PFAS chemicals from our ecosystem, compared to current treatment options that are limited to landfills and incineration, which only spread this problematic toxin further in our environment. "We are building a PFAS remediation ecosystem, where our partners can find accurate testing capabilities, efficient sorbents for PFAS removal, and sustainable disposal pathways that permanently remove PFAS from the environment" explained Co-founder Abdennour Abbas.

About Claros Claros Technologies Inc. is an advanced materials company that strives to lead the industry towards a holistic approach in materials design and innovation to enable the development of more efficient, safe, and sustainable products with zero toxic waste. Claros is able to utilize nanoparticle growth technology to substantially impact multiple significant markets, including the rapidly growing PFAS remediation market and the functional textiles space with their antiviral and antimicrobial ZioShield™ technology.

About 3x5 Partners With over $400 million raised, 3x5 Partners is a venture capital firm that collaborates with passionate entrepreneurs to solve challenges in global health and climate solutions. Established in Portland, Oregon in 2011, 3x5 has delivered both top returns to investors and meaningful impact to the world.

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