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Brooklyn-based Goalsetter lands $15 million to expand and transform financial education

  • Goalsetter Secures $15 Million in Series A Funding to Expand and Transform Access to Financial Education in America

  • Investment led by Seae Ventures, Fiserv, MM Catalyst Fund, Citizens Financial Group, Astia Fund, NBA stars Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, and actors Anthony Anderson and Lance Gross

Goalsetter, a fintech platform dedicated to providing families and K-12 youth with access to banking, savings, investing, and financial education tools, announced today the closing of a $15 million Series A round led by Seae Ventures. Seae Ventures is joined by Fiserv, MM Catalyst Fund, Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures, Sterling National Bank, Citizens Financial Group, CUNA Mutual Financial Group, Astia Fund, and others. Goalsetter Secures $15 Million in Series A Funding to Expand and Transform Access to Financial Education in America

With an oversubscribed round, the new tranche of funding is dedicated to enabling Goalsetter to further its B2B partnerships with corporations and financial institutions that are committed to transforming financial education and access to wealth for all Americans. The Series A round also includes return investments from NBA star Kevin Durant, and new investments from Fearless Fund, NBA stars Carmelo Anthony and Andre Drummond, and star actors Anthony Anderson (Blackish), and Lance Gross (House of Payne).

Goalsetter works with financial institutions, fintechs, and insurance companies to white-label Goalsetter's platform and offer wealth management, debit card, and financial education tools for the next generation of their customers. Goalsetter also provides Fortune 1000 companies with employee benefits solutions that will help both employees and their families to become financially healthy.

"Wealth disparities in the United States are vast, and prevalent in every corner of our country," said Goalsetter Founder and CEO Tanya Van Court. "If we want to transform the bell curve of wealth in our society, we need to start by ensuring that the next generation of Americans are savers, investors and owners. The work starts by giving them early access to financial tools, and making financial education relatable, fun, and accessible, and that is what Goalsetter achieves."

Recognizing the intrinsic link between wealth and personal health, lead investor Seae Ventures' focus includes investment in fintech platforms that aim to improve the financial well being of individuals.

"For the first time in our nation's history, there is a sea change in the making that will give every kid and family in America access to both the education and the tools they need to become financially healthy," said Seae Ventures cofounder Tuoyo Louis. "By enabling corporations and financial institutions to give every customer and employee they serve - from the mailroom to the boardroom - the gift of financial acumen, Goalsetter has become a disruptor for how future generations will learn money and build wealth. Seae is proud to partner with them on this mission to change the trajectory of wealth and health for millions of families throughout the country," added Louis.

A Banner Year for Goalsetter Goalsetter's Series A investment round comes on the heels of the launch of Goalsetter Invest, a tool that gives families the power to buy, sell, and trade stocks while giving them the financial education needed to do so confidently. With Goalsetter Invest, Goalsetter now boasts a fully-featured financial app for the whole family - offering savings accounts, debit cards, investment accounts and fun, game-based financial education for parents, teens, kids and tweens.

In addition, a new partnership with Fiserv will help Goalsetter reach millions more potential users by making it easy for financial institutions to offer co-branded Goalsetter services to their account holders. A leading global provider of payments and financial services technology, Fiserv has relationships with thousands of financial institutions and offers integrations that can enable them to deliver relevant fintech experiences to help attract and serve the next generation of account holders.

Over the past year, Goalsetter has partnered with businessman and philanthropist Robert F. Smith, NBA stars Chris Paul and Harrison Barnes, and NFL star Russell WIlson and wife Ciara, and attracted the interest of organizations such as Nike, American Express, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Pittsburgh Steelers, who have invested in Goalsetter's movement to provide a path towards financial freedom for one million Black and Latinx kids across the country.

To date, more than 100 companies, organizations and influencers have partnered with the family fintech app to financially empower youth and their families by raising awareness around the importance of financial literacy in their respective communities and among their personal fanbase.

Goalsetter's ground-breaking offering of family-friendly and youth-driven financial education tools and unique programs have set it apart in the banking for teens market. In addition to learning about money through gamification and fun gifs and memes, features such as "Learn to Earn," which lets kids earn money for every financial quiz question they get right, and "Learn Before You Burn," which lets parents automatically freeze teens' and tweens' debit cards if they haven't taken their financial literacy quizzes for the week, have been favorites for kids and parents alike.

Goalsetter and founder Tanya Van Court have been featured in some of the country's most prominent outlets, including New York Times, Today Show, CNBC, TechCrunch, NBC News, FOX Business, AfroTech, Yahoo Finance, and many others.

About Goalsetter Founded in 2016 by Tanya Van Court, a former Nickelodeon and ESPN executive, Goalsetter is a family saving, investing, financial education, and smart spending platform that makes it easy for the whole family to go cashless while teaching them how to be money smart. Goalsetter's smart money platform for families provides users with an FDIC-Insured Savings Account; an investment platform powered by Goalsetter Advisors, LLC (an SEC registered investment advisor); the Mastercard Cashola Teen and Tween Debit Card with parental controls, Game-based financial education quizzes; the "Learn before you Burn" parental control feature on the debit card and the "Learn to Earn" financial reward program; as well as the latest cybersecurity features to protect user privacy.

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