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Blockchain gaming company DareNFT launches DarePlay Metaverse

  • DareNFT to Launch new product in their ecosystem DarePlay Metaverse

  • DareNFT, post its three month launch, has released a solid product with concrete plans to grow further in the blockchain gaming industry.

Products (DarePlay, DareLaunch, DareFarm) gain traction and the NFT 2.0 protocol which lies at the heart of DareNFT has much of a promising future. The whole industry is rapidly changing. The emergence of the metaverse as a new thing in the market is what’s been under the radar for months. DareNFT still rings true to its initial affirmation of the capability to catch any trend with its core product. In the arrival of the metaverse, the project has decided to upgrade its MVP product DarePlay, the DarePlay Metaverse. In a sense, DarePlay Metaverse, would be like the space where all interactions come as human experience, where guilds, gamers and NFT games all have a place to exchange their skills, knowledge, and advertise their brands. Also, this new turning-from-2D-to-3D trajectory for DarePlay brings about the demand of a new token governing the new model. The governing token of the new version of DarePlay is DPL, which is a token purely for community. DarePlay Metaverse will launch DPL based on the Fair Launch model in a so-called ‘no seed, no private, no VC, purely for community’ event. Fair Launch has always been considered as the holy grail for cryptocurrency. The Fair Launch term has become popular recently, after launched its token with no VC allocation, no pre-mine, and no ICO, but just used liquidity mining as a means of acquiring the token. Many other popular cryptocurrency which are launched in this way such as SushiSwap, Trader Joe, and Gitcoin. $DPL, the new token of DareNFT, will have a 48-month issuance period and offer an equal price to the public. DPL IDO will not be launched normally, but via an activity called FairDrop. This is a tribute activity in a sense that DareNFT gains no benefits from doing it, no fundraising activity involved, merely to reward long-term $DNFT holders and supporters for what they have done for DareNFT so far. There will be 10% of the $DPL total supply to be used in Fairdrop. At the listing price $0.01, the total FairDrop value is $1M. In the first Fairdrop right in January, DareNFT will directly airdrop 10,000,000 $DPL (1% supply) to loyal members of DareNFT. It makes the initial market cap of $DNFT stay at only $100,000. There'll be no seed sale, private sale, VC, or team token when DPL is listed. Offering to all $DNFT loyal members DPL is the next IGO on DarePlay. To join FairDrop, users must have DP, the interest-bearing token given to $DNFT Stakers and Liquidity Farmers. That’s why the team calls the FairDrop as the ‘give-it-all-to $DNFT-loyal-members’ event. $DNFT Loyal members would stake their token or add liquidity and earn DP. DP is used in not just DPL FairDrop but many IGO based on the team’s recently launched IGO model. Think about DP as STETH which ETH 2.0 stakers get when staking their ETH on Lido staking platform, which means the more DP is minted and used, the more strong the DareNFT ecosystem is. Follow on our social links: Website: Telegram Discussions:

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