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Avaamo receives $7 million to advance its deep learning platform using machine learning technology

Liquidity Capital Provides Avaamo With a $7M Facility Within 24 Hours Using “DYNAMiCs” Platform

Liquidity Capital, the global fintech and fund manager, today announced the closing of a $7M credit facility for deep-learning software company, Avaamo; a deal that took 24 hours to complete thanks to Liquidity Capital’s disruptive DYNAMiCs platform. Liquidity Capital’s DYNAMiCs platform uses machine learning technology to process due diligence and investment data in real time, ensuring that opportunities and risks can be identified and analyzed quickly and effectively by the team. This enables Liquidity Capital to optimize capital deployment, allowing high growth businesses to continue on their trajectory while minimizing risk and maximizing returns for investors.

Ron Daniel, Co- Founder and CEO of Liquidity Capital commented: “Our mission is to offer good companies alternative scaled and instant financing facilities. In today’s economy, global companies need to leverage market opportunity fast, and Liquidity is using proprietary technology to create a win-win situation for both lenders and investors in the midsize capital market.”

The facility with Avaamo is the latest in an impressive series of deal announcements at over $500M from Liquidity Capital in recent months, all of which have utilized the DYNAMiCs platform to deliver a rapid due diligence process and deployment of capital. The company now plans to deploy additional $1bn over the next 12 months to high-growth tech businesses globally..

Mr Daniel added: “Founders are short on time but long on opportunity. Partnering with Liquidity Capital means one thing; get access to the capital you need at the moment you need it. For the world’s leading businesses, the size and speed of capital we can deploy can accelerate hypergrowth and allow them to access the market opportunities they see today, without having to wait for traditional banks and debt funds to finance them months after the opportunity presents itself.”

Avaamo will utilize its credit facility to continue its own global hypergrowth. Avaamo's mission is to provide the ability for humans to speak, interact, transact and complete business transactions with systems and workflows without human intervention, making Conversational AI the new UI. Avaamo was recently cited as one of the fastest growing companies in the INC 500 list for 2021.

“As we’ve expanded Avaamo’s award-winning technology into new markets and scaled SaaS revenue, we’ve also been diligent in preserving shareholder value and remaining extremely capital efficient,“ said Sal LaRosa, CFO of Avaamo.

“Liquidity Capital’s tech friendly approach to capital fits perfectly with our plans to accelerate growth. Additionally, the Liquidity Capital team made the process, from first communication to closing, seamless and incredibly efficient. They were a pleasure to work with.”

“Avaamo is a truly amazing company, with an explosive growth trajectory, ” said Omri Meitav, investment director of Liquidity Capital. “We are very excited to partner with Avaamo and pleased to be a part of their growth plans.”

About Liquidity Capital: Founded in 2017, Liquidity Capital is a global fintech and fund manager providing growth capital through funds focused on the US, Asia and the Middle East. Liquidity’s subsidiary fund, Singapore-based Mars Growth Capital, and its partner MUFG handle the company’s South East Asia activity. It combines real-time data with proprietary machine learning technology to offer tailored financing that matches a company’s future growth.

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