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AI Connect Marketing Program

Our Marketing Process

Combining the impact of a TechTalks Video interview with our proprietary distribution.

We "cast a wide net" with our distribution of the TechTalks video at our website, by email, issuing a news release highlighting the video, and on social media.  

Most importantly, we use our proprietary AI technology to target additional recipients based on location, industry or sector, business type, number of employees, and job title.

The bottom line, we're focused on helping you achieve your business and financial objectives!

Our AI Connect Marketing Program is a process...



A strategy call is held with your management to understand the company's current operations and most importantly your business and financial objectives.


We prepare a script as an outline and send it to you for review, feedback and approval.


Your TechTalks video is recorded over Zoom. It can include one or more of your management team. 


Post production of your TechTalks video includes adding graphics, titles and inserting if desired, images and video clips.


Our proprietary artificial intelligence social media, website and email targeting is used to identify additional appropriate parties to receive your TechTalks video based on factors including industry, sector, location, number of employees, and your company's business and financial objectives.


Your TechTalks Video is posted to the Emerging Technology Insider website and sent proprietary email distribution list. (24,000+)


Your TechTalks Video is posted to selective and targeted social media. (Typically 1.5+ million impressions.)


A press release is prepared and distributed through a wire service announcing the availability of your TechTalks Video.
Distribution of the press release includes major news publications,  targeted journalists, and posted to selective social media.



We provide you with an MP4 copy of your TechTalks video, which you can post to your social media and your website.


We provide you with an email template featuring your TedTalks Video, which can be sent to your own customer, prospects, shareholders, and other email lists. 

While we customize and tailor the distribution strategy based on each company's specific business and financial objectives, our general  process is: 

Let's have a call...

It would be great to understand your company, its plans for the future, and most importantly its business and financial objectives.

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