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Ron Averett, CEO and President of Motobyo discusses how Motoboyo is distrupting America's used car market, consisting of more than 40 million vehicles sold annually.

Ron discusses how Motobyo is disruptive to the entire used car industry, including traditional auto dealers, as well as Carvana and, and how Motobyo benefits both buyers and sellers of used cars.


Motobyo currently has a ground-floor investment opportunity for accredited investors.


To learn more about Motobyo, its business and the investment opportunity, check out the Company's website and contact:


Ron Averett, CEO


Tel. 856-465-9515



How Motobyo benefits sellers and buyers of used cars
An in-depth introduction to Motobyo and its disruptive business model
How Motobyo doesn't exclude traditional auto dealers, but benefits them
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