AI Connect Marketing Program

Enabling your company to achieve its business and financial objectives

While we're best known for our Emerging Technology Insider Showcase Videos, the videos are only part of our strategy.  

We couple the impact of our 10 to 15 minute Showcase Videos with our artificial-intelligence driven email, website, and digital/social media distribution.

We utilize our proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven data mining provided by FC Analytics to augment our basic email and website distribution.  This enables us to tailor the distribution based on your industry or sector, your location, and your business and financial objectives. 

The bottom line, we ensure that your Showcase Video reaches the right audience. 

Our Showcase Videos feature:

  • Conversations with management of technologycompanies.  


  • Conversations with management of companies providing services, products, equipment or technology to technology companies.  ​


  • Conversations with management of start-up, early-stage, growing, and middle-market companies, and subsidiaries or divisions of major companies.

Management of featured companies typically have specifc business or financial objectives, which include: 

  • General exposure, including to potential customers for products, services, technology, or research and development activities.

  • Obtaining strategic or financial partners for research, development, marketing or distribution.

  • Generating exposure for  company news, including using our Showcase Video conversation format to further explain recent company news or developments, and the implication of the news on the company's future.

  • Announcing new products, services, or technology.

Our Emerging Technology Insider AI Connect Marketing Program consists of:

  • The production of a Emerging Technology Insider Showcase Video.


  • The Showcase Video is hosted at the Medical and Pharma Insider website.  

  • Your Showcase Video is distributed online at our website and to our proprietary email lists, coupled with our artificial intelligence driven social media and digital distribution.  

  • Your Showcase Video is hosted at the Emerging Technology Insiderand all registered site members receive an email alert when the video is posted.

  • Your Showcase Video is also posted online to targeted social media, which depending on the industry and objectives typically ranges from 200,000 to 1,000,000 members.  


  • Your Showcase Video can also be posted to your company’s website, distributed to your email lists of customers, potential customers, and contacts, and used by your company for other business and corporate purposes.

  • Our basic program includes a three-week distribution program, with email, online, social and digital distribution being repeated weekly over a three week period.  We also have marketing programs with extended distribution as well as semi-monthly and annual marketing programs.

Enhanced Showcase Video Distribution utilizing our AI Connect Marketing Program's Data Mining:

  • Combining registered people at our Medical and Pharma Insider website, and the tens of thousands on our email distribution list.


  • Our artificial intelligence driven email, online digital, and social media distribution. 


Key to our AI Connect Marketing Program is our use of proprietary artifical intelligence-driven data mining tools to target the distribution of Showcase Videos.

Our artificial intelligence driven data mining enables us to target the distribution of your Showcase Video based on your industry, sector, location and your business and financial objectives.

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