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  • News on transactions, financings, strategic relationships, products, services and technology



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  • Management of companies with business or financial objectives. These objectives could be opportunities for you!

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TechNews at Emerging Technology Insider

News, and information on products, services and technology

  • Transactions and financings

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  • Strategic relationships

  • Information on products, services or technology, including product launches

About Our AI Connect Marketing Program
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AI Connect Marketing Program

  • With our decades of industry experience, we're best described as marketing strategists and implementers.

  • Our programs are not lead generation programs, but are all about "making things happen.

  • Our programs combine the impact of a TechTalks video interview with our proprietary distribution. 

  • Understanding that there is no marketing direction that is appropriate for all companies, we customize our programs based on a company's business and financial objectives.

  • While we are best known for our targeting and distribution, we can also distribute TechTalks videos through our Emerging Technology Insider website, to our proprietary distribution lists, and selective social media.

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